Happy New Year and stuffs

Happy New Year and stuffs


So, here it is – 2012, the year of Olympics and Armageddon, not sure which I’m less excited about…

Again, I begin this post with an apology for not updating sooner, admin never was my strong point. However, I have discovered a way to make it more bearable: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you… BEDMIN (TM). Admin a lot less painful in pyjamas with a duvet… and afterwards you can treat yourself to a BEDNIC (TM) (a bed based picninc) or a BEDISCO (TM) … you get the point.

Laziness aside, lots of exciting things coming up this year, so watch this space, and I resolve to be more prolific here

Now… where can I buy a teasmaid…? (not even joking).

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