Edinburgh Fringe 2012 – bloody blimey it’s that time of year again…

Edinburgh Fringe 2012 – bloody blimey it’s that time of year again…

Despite feeling like I only said goodbye to Auld Reekie a fortnight ago, due to some obvious mistake in the space time continuum (Prof Brian Cox and his CERN chums almost certainly to blame), here I am again in sunny (not even being sarcastic, at this particular time the sun is shining) Edinburgh for the annual festival of “I know you’ve seen 47 shows already today, but please, please force your face to smile at mine”.

I am VERY excited to be doing 2 shows this year:

Late Night Laughs at 22.45 at Gilded Balloon

This is a showcase of 6 up and coming comics, including moi, and it’s exciting because they are all ace.


Angela Barnes and Matt Richardson at 14.30 at Espionage

This is a FREE show where my comedy baby brother Matt and I will be doing about half hour each of some old, some new, none borrowed but possibly some (a little bit) blue.


I’ll also be popping up here and there on mixed bill shows across the festival. Am VERY much looking forward to this baby tomorrow night, Super Serious Show (2 Aug, 8.55 Bosco tent) where I will be hosting Tiffany Stevenson,  Drennon Davis and one of my comedy heroes Hannibal Buress *bow bow scrape scrape*

Right, plugs over – do come along to a show if you can

Now, in important other news, I have been in Edinburgh 4 days, and I have so far consumed just one deep fried product. I call that a win.  It was haggis if you must know, so I was just having a rich cultural experience.

Oh, and I bought a lilac anorak yesterday. So if you see a woman on the royal mile with a red bob who looks like a Mum on the school run, that’ll be me. Hug me, because I think I might be heading towards a breakdown. An anorak for goodness sake. It’ll be driving gloves next. Can’t even drive. I entirely blame comedian Michael Fabbri whose parting words to me were as I set off up north “Get yourself an anorak. Once you anorak, you won’t go back…”

I’ll leave you with that dear reader

‘Til next time

A x

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