I’m not in Edinburgh, but you can still see my show – LOOK!

Did you know, that if you are not in Edinburgh and are in London or thereabouts, there is a bloody brilliant alternative to the Edinburgh Fringe right on your doorstep? There are some amazing acts doing the inaugral Phoenix Fringe this year, and I am very honoured to be amongst them.

My solo show will be on Wednesday 7th August. Tickets are just £8. Or, for a mere £20, you can get a day pass and see me, Katherine Ryan (her from off the telly) and the legendary Bob Mills!

If you want to come along, booking in advance is strongly advised. I would really love to see you there, as without an audience of lovely, friendly faces, I will just be a mad lady wittering alone in a room. Please don’t let that happen to me. Not yet.

You can book tickets for my show here. Or grab yourself a day pass here.

Hope to see you there!

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