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Hello and Welcome

How splendid to see you, you are looking lovely.

Welcome to my website, I hope you like it.

Please do have a look around, and join my mailing list if you would like to be kept updated with what I’m up to, and any exciting bits of news.

Have a good day, happy browsing, and I hope to see you soon

Angela x

BBC Radio 4 Series – You Can’t Take It With You – Wed 10 Aug, 11pm

Hello Folks
Well, it would appear it is actually happening, my Radio 4 series begins on Weds 10th Aug at 11pm.
I am very excited, having been a Radio 4 comedy fan for so long, and am proud of the show, which is based on my 2014 Edinburgh show, You Can’t Take It With You
There are 4… Read on…

Mock The Week – 23rd June 2016

I’ll be on Mock The Week tonight at 10pm if you’d like to take your mind off the *whispers* referendum.  It starts at 10pm on BBC 2, we talk about the “R” word a bit but not too much – and the line up is super sweet, Dara, Hugh, me, Milton Jones, Miles Jupp, Ed… Read on…